Sore Teeth or Jaw


Soreness in your teeth or jaws is normal during orthodontic treatment, especially after a tightening appointment or if you moved to a new Invisalign aligner. To reduce discomfort, we recommend acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Soreness in your jaw may also be aided with a cloth soaked in warm water, a heating pad, or a warm salt water rinse.


Wire Irritation


If a section of wire is irritating your cheeks, try moving the wire away from your cheeks with a pencil eraser or cotton swab. If you cannot move it or if irritation persists, try covering the wire with a cotton ball or with a small amount of wax.


If irritation persists, you may cut away a small amount of wire with sterilized fingernail clippers. However, in this case we recommend you contact our office during the next business day to let us know so that we can decide whether we need to modify your treatment to keep you on schedule.


Loose Bracket or Wire


If the wire comes out of a bracket or if the bracket comes off your tooth, please call our office to find out whether it needs to be refitted immediately or if it can wait until your next regular appointment. If necessary, you can free the bracket from the wire by cutting a small section with sterilized fingernail clippers. Discuss this with us so we can schedule a repair appointment.


Lost Separator


Separators ensure that your teeth maintain proper spacing during repositioning. Unfortunately, people sometimes lose separators. Call our office to let us know when you lose a separator so we can schedule an appointment to replace it and keep your treatment on schedule.


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