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Problems / Emergencies

What to do in Case of Emergency

Dr. Lee Boyd is here for you in the case of an emergency. His goal is to make you feel as comfortable with your appliances as possible. If you notice that your braces are broken or loose, call Dr. Boyd as soon as you can. We are located in the Allen, KY and Paintsville, KY area so give us a call if you would like to have a true professional handle your issue. Please read below so we can guide you to solutions for your issues.

Loose Brackets or Bands

Call Dr. Boyd immediately if you notice a bracket or wire is now loose. It may be time sensitive to fix the issue. If you absolutely need to cut a wire, use fingernail clippers that are sanitized in alcohol. Call to make an appointment on the next business day so that we can get you in the office as soon as possible to get your treatment back on track.

Wire Irritations

You may experience discomfort from a wire, which can be fixed by moving the wire away from the irritated area. If the wire doesn’t move, cover the end of it with wax given by Dr. Boyd. If it is still causing discomfort, you can cut the wire with nail clippers or scissors if absolutely necessary. You can also make an appointment with the doctor to have a professional solve the issue.

Lost Separators

Losing a separator is nothing to be alarmed about, but please call us to see if it does need to be replaced.

Discomfort With Orthodontic Treatment

Soreness and discomfort are common in the first week following the placement of braces or routine adjustments. Non-aspirin pain relievers or acetaminophen can be helpful during that first week. If your jaw is sore, place a heating pad on your jaw.

Further Questions

Your orthodontist is going to work hard to make the orthodontic treatment process go as smoothly as possible. However, things may happen that require assistance even if you are doing a great job taking care of your braces. If you have any questions about a problem or emergency, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Boyd so we can speak with you or schedule an appointment at our office.